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A Special Cast

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The time-lapse above is just a sample of how our cast members have been so gracious in opening up their homes to us as we set up and record interviews. This is an hour and a half condensed to 30 seconds for an interview with Darren and Becky Frame.


By Susan David

As the Lord sparked the vision for this film in Jim and when He began fanning the flames started by those initial sparks, I got excited too and have been blessed to be part of it.

From the beginning, I was, of course, praying for Jim. I also prayed for the film and for the Lord to use the whole project for His glory—every single step of it. We prayed together for many things, including for people whose stories could be shared to tell the greater story of God’s goodness and how He uses even trials and suffering for a purpose. (Perhaps He ESPECIALLY uses such things.) In that area, it has been amazing to watch God answer our prayers.

The Lord has brought forward some amazing people who have walked through a lot of tough circumstances. And we didn’t know even one of these individuals before this project, which shows that it is truly the Lord providing the pieces and putting them together. He has written these individuals’ stories and is now using Jim to weave those stories together. Everyone involved has the same hope—that by sharing their experiences, others will be blessed and God's power will be seen.

I did---and do---expect the Lord to provide, but I didn't expect how difficult it would be at times (and it has been difficult). I also didn’t expect how connected I would feel to what is known even in the documentary world as the “cast.”

As each person comes on board, we begin praying for them. For their families. For their testimonies. For their health—physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have been blessed to meet some of these amazing people and feel honored to be trusted by them and invited into their stories. But even those whom I have not yet met I feel such a connection to. I care about them and am blessed to be part of the work the Lord is doing in them and through them. (I am truly amazed at their faith and their stories when I hear Jim replay the interviews while he's editing. Their voices are as familiar to me as my own family members'.)

I thank the Lord for each of these individuals. I have joined them in their prayers that He would use what they have experienced to point people to Him. Will you join us in praying for them and the others that we are trusting the Lord will bring forward for this project?

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