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Filming Steve and Ginny Saint

Steve Saint reminds us that we’re all walking a trail in this life. Spending time with him and his wife, Ginny, a couple of weeks ago, it was very obvious that their eyes are singularly focused on what trail they are walking on and WHO they are walking toward. While their life has been full of adventure, they have also endured their share of painful events (events none of us would want to walk through). Yet their hearts are full of love and hope.

You may already be familiar with parts of Steve’s story. His father, Nate Saint, was a missionary in Ecuador when he and four others (including Jim Elliot) were martyred in their attempt to reach the indigenous Waodani people with the gospel. Steve’s book, End of the Spear—which shares his amazing story of love and growing up with the Waodani people, and his close relationship with Mincaye—was made into a major motion picture. There is also a powerful documentary that shares the story, called Beyond the Gates of Splendor.

In addition to losing his dad at such a young age, Steve and Ginny also endured the loss of their 20-year-old daughter due to a brain hemorrhage. Then, in 2012, Steve suffered an injury from which he became what he describes as “an incomplete quadriplegic.” Yet, Steve and Ginny have a hope and a purpose that have only grown stronger as they’ve walked God’s trail. It’s truly inspirational.

Steve experiences led him to establish I-TEC, a ministry dedicated to developing tools to train indigenous Christ followers in skills to open doors to the Gospel, and equipping others to do the same both domestically and abroad.

I’m so grateful to Steve and Ginny for sharing their story and being part of this film. I know you will be blessed by them as well. I'm also so thankful for everyone who assisted during the filming, including Brian Reed, Chris Florence and staff at I-TEC.

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