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Meet Jon Seidl

I'd like to introduce you to Jon Seidl, one of the cast members of For A Purpose.

I interviewed Jon at the end of April and he and his family could not have been more gracious and helpful during all aspects of filming. Like everyone I have interviewed for this film, I was so impressed with his vulnerability and authenticity. He also has such a fun and dynamic personality that will bring so much life to the film. His heart and his passion show up everywhere.

In his new book, Finding Rest, Jon shares about anxiety and his mental health struggle, the tragedy of losing his sister to an automobile accident that wasn’t her fault, and the loss of his stepdad (who raised him) to a sudden and massive stroke in his brain stem. Jon has learned through tragedies in his life and his personal mental health battle to draw closer to the Lord. He has transparently shared his own stories and struggles with mental illness in the hope of erasing the stigma around mental health.

The wealth of what Jon shared during our interview of his own journey and what he has learned from his walk with the Lord was so inspiring and encouraging. I thought the best way to introduce you would be to share a little clip of our interview, in which he talks about where he finds his hope.

You can connect with Jon on his website or Facebook.

So many have written that they can’t wait to see this film and we’re so excited for how much this film is relating to everybody. There’s still a lot of work ahead, so please keep praying for us! We will continue to share more and more with you as our progress continues. Making a feature film is a lot of work and we are excited about what God is going to do with the film. Please keep sharing the news about this film with others and ask them to sign up for updates on the main page of our website.

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