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Why This Film?

“Why this documentary? Why this topic?” It will take me more than one post to answer that completely, but the seed was planted more than 15 years ago when I watched a family in our church walk through the loss of their two sons. Both in the prime of their life and in separate incidents. It was more than I could comprehend, yet I saw them carried by a strength that was beyond them. I couldn’t ignore the way they leaned into God for His help to get through each day (and sometimes each hour and even minutes). When I looked at them, I could clearly see God.

I had so many questions. Why would God ask them to endure something like that? At the same time, why was the depth of God’s help so obvious in their lives?

I wasn’t just reading a story of God’s strength from the pages of the Bible—I was watching it lived out right in front of me in a way I had not seen before. I had never seen God’s presence so real before. Watching their journey was hard, humbling, convicting, and inspiring all at the same time.

More than ten years later, I found myself watching as another friend walked through his battle with cancer with similar inspiring faith. (He was thanking God for cancer while I was busy questioning God why He allowed me to experience significant hearing loss.) I produced a short documentary film, A Strong Finish, which told some of his story. I was amazed to see how much God used that short film to impact others! As I pondered these examples of faith and their impact on me at the same time the world was facing a pandemic that impacted everyone's life, I felt increasingly moved to do a film about these miracles of the heart. Real examples of struggle and hope—a hope that’s bigger than the pain.

There’s a lot to unpack, but in a world that seems to be getting crazier every day with heartache amplified from every news source, this documentary is a journey about purpose and hope. #forapurposemovie #forapurpose #jimdavidfilms

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