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Why is pain the birthplace of so many awesome things?

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

This opening question caught me by surprise. Instantly, I knew that the host, Karl Clausen understood the premise of For A Purpose. I was at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando being interviewed for the Karl and Crew morning show on Moody Radio. Karl shared how pain had brought Him to the Lord. (His journey includes recovery from drug addiction.) His co-host, Jonathan, also shared how pain had put him on the same path.

Of course, pain itself can crush us and devastate us beyond words. But God can birth beautiful and awesome things when we turn to Him in our pain. Karl and Jonathan get it. Their listeners also responded. During the interview, alerts kept going off on my phone as new folks visited our website and signed up for updates. (Welcome to every one of you!) Oftentimes during interviews I feel like I need to explain why our documentary is so important and why we know there is an appetite for our film. I walked away encouraged by their faith and I'm still processing their positive attitudes.

Please help us by continuing to share the news about For A Purpose. The production continues in full force. God has provided every step of the way but we're praying for the resources to help us get this to the finish line. We know that the amazing and inspiring stories of God's work in people's lives will be life-changing for so many. The people who the Lord has called to be part of this project have already changed my life and encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.

You can find the recorded broadcast here. The interview starts at the 47:20 mark. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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