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When someone asks "Why, God?"

Do you know someone looking for answers to tough “Why God?” questions? We’d love to bless them with a gift. Please share our film with them and ask them to sign up for updates. We’ll ship a free copy of Why God?: Brave Questions That Need Answers After Suffering Loss to the first 10 new email subscribers (they can sign up in the middle of our homepage).

(If you already get our updates and want a copy of this great resource, I have a limited number but will do all I can to get a copy in your hands as well. Just email me at

(A short clip of Darren sharing the experience of writing his book during one of our interviews.)

Darren Frame, one of the cast members of For A Purpose, was in the middle of working on a book when I first approached him about the film. It has been six years since his son, Jared, passed away unexpectedly, a loss that set him on a journey pursuing God for the tough questions that he had. His journey resulted in the writing of a book. God has used Darren and his wife, Becky, to be a light and a help to many others. I have been so blessed by all that Darren and Becky have shared and am glad that they are in my life and in this film.

The book's writeup says it best: “Where existing books and resources fall short and may fail to speak effectively to the heartbroken, Darren’s bold, questioning approach and conversational voice target and reach grieving readers where they are in the unpredictable journey of loss.”

“Darren writes from the rational, spiritual perspective of a Christian father facing unforeseen grief. His goal is to help readers reset perceptions and expectations about who God is, what happens in death, and what God's promises actually are related to suffering and grief.”

If you know someone who is grieving, someone looking for answers to tough questions, someone who needs more of God in their current situation, would you please forward this message to them and share this resource?

We’d love for each member of our For A Purpose family (that’s you) to share this opportunity with at least one person in their life who needs it. You can be the one to provide answers to the tough questions hearts face during grief and suffering.

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